We are consultants for communication and made-to-measure design.

Our core competencies are consulting and design. We offer over 20 years of experience, a high level of service support, and individually-designed solutions.

You are involved from the first step – solutions are developed by talking, discussing, and finding out what fits.
A design that suits you and your business – a responsible design – will emerge.
More about our way of design

Design is not about superficial decoration.

We consider design a guide to perception.

It is about values, substance and what you would like your customers to associate with your product.

Good Design ensures that your company and brand will be seen and remembered the way you want it to be.

We shape communication.

Our professionalism demands that we are more than contemporary-design-copy-cats.
We are prepared to take the time and make the effort to listen and understand you and your product.

These days there are the tried-and-trusted traditional methods of communication. There are some that are completely new. Meanwhile some relatively new ways are rapidly becoming traditional.
It is in our interest to provide you with channels of communication that improve your business.

We start to design only when we are certain that we are taking the right direction.
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We utilize traditional, new and changing media, depending on what you need.
We create facebook pages, twitter tweets, websites and good ol’ fashioned print media. When more fundamental change is called for, we create a new logo, corporate image, marketing strategy or sales concept.
Or all of the above – it’s all about what’s right for you.

Communicating your message to your customers starts with good communication between you and us. Don’t hesitate to speak your mind.
We won’t hesitate to speak ours – in the nicest way possible, of course.

We don’t do One Night Stands – we are not that sort of design agency.
We are into long-term mutual commitment.

We work like that because we know that works.

When things are clear from the beginning, there are no nasty surprises at the end. We give 100% effort, and you get 100% result.

One working day is enough to kick things off. All we need is a skeleton staff of your guys and our guys, maximum 6 people.
Once we’re certain we are singing from the same hymn sheet, our team gets down to work. We develop a concept - or more than one. Then it’s up to you to decide which concept you want us to run with. You give us the “go ahead”, and that’s when the designing starts.
More about our workprocess

❶ The Workshop
It’s time to get philosophical. What's it all about?
No, seriously. What is your product, and what are you really selling? Who are you selling to? Who could you be selling to? What’s in it for your customers?
If you know all this already - brilliant, this saves us a lot work and all of us a lot of time!

❷ The Concept
What you can expect from us is a spot-on strategy to reach the set target. This will be based on the findings from the workshop and our 30 years of experience in the field. We look at the lay of the land – what are your competitors doing? What media and methods make most sense?
And if you already have a concept that can stand up to the scorching fire of our criticism - fabulous!

❸ Implementing the Design
So we know what we’re doing and where we are going.
Assignment and strategy are clear. Now the creative process of design and programming begins. What’s the look and feel gonna be? What do we need to take into consideration? Although we’ve got our fingers on the pulse of technology, we know that your target group might not.

In any long-term mutually committed relationship, things don’t always run smoothly. We won’t pack our bags and leave if the going gets tough. We’re in it for the long haul.

Smells like
team spirit.

We are a team of competent professionals, working in an industry that demands creativity. Our creativity thrives on thinking, working and living outside the box. We have found that our strength lies in our differences.

Collectively we are capable of anything – all we lack is the ability to stop learning from each other.
More about the team

Regine Schoengraf
Born in 1957 in Hattingen/Ruhr. Trainer. Consultant. Coach. And qualified engineer.

Urs Treuwerth
Born in 1963 in Berlin. Designer. Art Director. Tutor. In Advertisement since 1982.

Wolfgang Friedrich
Born in 1960 in Mulheim/Ruhr. Psycholinguist. Concept writer, copywriter and team-developer. In Advertisement since 1980.

Uli Ziesche
Born in 1973 in Berlin. Allrounder and Best Girl.

Erik Entrich
Born in 1989 in Berlin. Coder Expert and designer. In Programming since the age of 10.

Katja Malika
Born in 1970 in Berlin. Designer with a tough edge.

Farid Rivas Michel
Born in 1967 in Tarija, Bolivia. Designer and Illustrator.

Well done us.

Individual and specific – this our claim to design.
Here are some songs of praise.

Kirsten Hanser, Astrologin, SAT1
"Als Astrologin kann ich sagen, dass bei der Zusammenarbeit die allerbesten Qualitäten zum Vorschein kamen, ... die kosmisch möglich sind. Und als Kundin fühlte ich mich auf Anhieb verstanden, inspiriert, motiviert und in meinen Anliegen, wie z.B. meiner Homepage, noch besser umgesetzt, als ich vorher hoffte. Egal mit welchen Angeboten ich weiterhin an die Öffentlichkeit treten werde, treuwerthschoengraf als kompetente Berater und Gestalter gehört ab jetzt einfach dazu!"
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Raphael Schreiber, Site2Site/
"Wir danken für die professionelle Beratung in fast familiärer Atmosphäre,... hochkonzentriert, aber persönlich und mit stetem Blick auf das Ergebnis. Schön!"

Imme Hackmann, Rechtsanwältin, Potsdam
"Danke für die professionelle und kreative Zusammenarbeit und... die individuelle Betreuung! Auf meine Wünsche wurde sehr gut eingegangen. Die Resonanz auf meine Website hat sich erheblich verbessert - und damit natürlich auch die Auftragslage! Dafür gebe ich 5 Sterne Deluxe!"

Wencke Martin, Standortleiterin, music support group GmbH/Deutsche POP
"Für uns an der Deutschen POP sind bei der Auswahl unserer Dozenten sowohl... deren pädagogische Fähigkeiten als auch die Praxiserfahrung ausschlaggebend. Mit über 30 Jahren Berufserfahrung und seiner humorvollen Art gehört Urs Treuwerth zu unseren Top-Dozenten. Er vermittelt unseren Teilnehmern erfolgreich, das kreatives Design vor allem das Ergebnis von genauem Hinsehen, Nachfragen und solidem Handwerk ist."

Carola Winter, Lebensberaterin, Questico
"Sich in der esoterischen Szene als metaphysisch-tiefenpsychologischer Coach und Lebensberater im Netz... zu präsentieren, stellt eine große Herausforderung dar. Seriös und klar, einfühlsam und doch lichtvoll – so will ich gesehen werden. Dies umzusetzen, bedeutet einen Drahtseilakt, der nur durch ein professionell und gleichzeitig intuitiv arbeitendes Team bewältigt werden kann. Und genau so wurden meine Wünsche dann auch perfekt umgesetzt."

Ingrid Püschel, Naturkosmetikerin, Berlin
"Das neue Design kommt sehr gut an! Es ist ansprechend und gut strukturiert,... auch die Navigation. Viele neue Kunden wurden auf mich aufmerksam - einfach nur weil die Website so schön aussieht! Es ist der Agentur wunderbar gelungen, meine Arbeit und mich als Person authentisch darzustellen. Danke!"

We'd like to meet
you in person.

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Urs Treuwerth+49.163.2907336
Regine Schoengraf+49.179.5929603

Hohenstaufenstrasse 10a
D - 10781 Berlin

If you are not around or can’t spare the time to visit us, a video-chat should be the best way to talk from face-to-face. Skype, Facetime oder Google – your choice.
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